Armin Arlert needs a hug and the respect he deserves 


Bonnie Wright as Georgina in After The Dark


and then armin won the war. with cute.

so while I’m doing commissions, I got into SNK (attack on titan) aaaaand got seduced into doing babbus.

keep in mind, they are childrens, we can’t have them /actually/ getting into srs bloody danger .u.

babbu eren titan is the most musculars. definitely.


im afraid my online friends are gonna meet me in person and be like “oh”

Who wants to be famous for that?


Sophie Turner for 1883 Magazine

kristiemewis said: teach me french! i’m taking a class when i start school again & i know nothing

omg yes! what do you want to learn? do you have a word that you want me to translate?